About Us

In late 2015, designer and chalk board enthusiast and eternal organizer, Jean Bancroft joined forces with her husband and woodworking/print finishing artisan Dan to perfect the process of combining the functionality of a traditional chalkboard with a high resolution photograph. As you might imagine, it took a few tries, but before long they had cracked the code and Jeannie B's Photo Chalkboards was born!

Jeannie B was soon selling Photo Chalkboards at high quality craft fairs throughout Ontario and within a couple of years, across Canada.  The demand for Custom Photo Chalkboards was overwhelming as they travelled across the country.  That demand has become the mainstay of Jeannie B.

Today, Jeannie B is proud of its ever-expanding catalog of images and the ability for customers to order custom-made chalkboards on demand.  Enthusiasm for this unique product has never been higher, encouraging the development of the now popular Photo Chalkboard Calendar.  Stay tuned for the release of our extensive line of family planners due to release this summer just in time for the 2022 Fall School Season.