Upcoming Shows

It's that time of year again! We are heading into 2019 full swing and with the beginning of a new year comes a new craft show schedule. Photo Chalkboard addicts can find us at any of the shows listed in our schedule below. We can't wait to see all of you crazy craft show goers! 

The following are a list of shows in which we have secured a spot in for the upcoming season. The dates and locations are listed below, for further information about these shows please click on the links provided. 

2019 Show Schedule: 

Feb 9 - Waterloo Winter Market - click HERE for more info

Feb 23 - Colasanti's 9th Winter Art & Craft Show - click HERE for more info

Feb 28-Mar 3 - Stratford Garden Festival - click HERE for more info 

Mar 8-17 - Canada Blooms - click HERE for more info

Mar 22-24 - Sudbury Inspired Hands - click HERE for more info